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Currently level 75 mage and I need more rune javel
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ARGOMENTO: Currently level 75 mage and I need more rune javel

Currently level 75 mage and I need more rune javel 4 Mesi fa #1823

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I'm F2P (non-members). Go into Hill Giants and maintain fighting with Hill Giants. Between fighting Hill Giants, trade with other Runescapers saying"Purchasing 1 limpwurt origin for 5 significant bones". (Were surprised at the RS gold variety of folks buying 1 limpwurt root for 5 big bones, since Hill Giants shed a fair amount of limpwurt root.)

Visit a few of the places from the Wilderness (possibly Chaos Temple, or even the small"boneyard" immediately southeast of Clan Wars... where bones always keep respawning and nobody picks them up). I just put this method down because at Hill Giants, you need to wait for a Hill Giant to re-spawn (also not have somebody else fight it), and conquer the Hill Giant... whereas this method, it will be nonstop levelling up . Uncrowded. 100% bones drop speed. Will be obtaining bones nearly as quickly as method 2.

Moss Giants. Ice Giants...I'm not particularly fond of this Moss Giants / Ice Giants method, though. The rest of the methods involve purchasing bones from the Grand Exchange... Can it be safer to purchase regular bones or large bones? Purchasing bones, will need to spend less time earning gp (3,041,434 gp) than buying big bones. Make soft clay, promote to Grand Exchange. Spend money on levelliing up prayer.

Mining, selling to the Grand Exchange. (If this method, then mine what? (rune essence, adamant, mithril, iron, silver, coal ) and which place?) Fishing lobster, selling the uncooked food to the Grand Exchange. Cutting yews, selling into the Grand Exchange. Spend money on levelling up prayer.

Currently level 75 mage and I need more rune javelins. I like alching them since generally they are easy to get but latly I need more and I cant get em. Anybody got a bulk sum or know where to get some?Or whatever loses less money im open to ideas. Below are a few things I have personally utilized previously: Battlestaffs: All kinds have a relatively low loss but you can just buy 100 of them in a cheap OSRS gold particular time period. Dragonhide Armor: I have experienced reduced losses with Green D'hide bodied but I am sure that this has changed. Check the losses for a lot of items.
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