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2K would be in a much better place right now
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ARGOMENTO: 2K would be in a much better place right now

2K would be in a much better place right now 4 Mesi fa #1826

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I'm mixed with it. It stopped from using lightning quick jumpshots non shooting builds with Cheap NBA 2K21 MT. Not everyone in basketball could shoot fast, therefore for builds that can't shoot had to make a sacrifice if they are interested in having the capability to shoot quicker or better using their badges. However as a individual with shooting in their build, it was a pain in the ass. I got a 81 3 ball but, my guy took 12 years to shoot, so it was impossible to find an open look without it being contested. And since I use HoF QD, that's four badges which could've went. There is a lot of badges when 95 percent of my badges are all tied into badges that are essential although I wish to try, you can't really experiment.

Make speed or even cartoons be tied to some stats that are shooting? Kind of like how dribble motions are tied into ball handling. Because I really don't want to find a 7 foot glass cleaner using a 51 3 ball jumping 4 feet in greening and two milliseconds. Shit looks absurd. Make it non shooting at bigs. So under a 50 3 point evaluation can just use shots that are set. If ur 3 is finished that you can use jump shot creator or utilize rapid shots. No demand to get a badge for it. Enough, Mike Wang last year around this time stated that men were allowed to have put shots. And the big named YouTubers along with Twitter whined and got changed like a week.

2K has the capability to make basketball games however, they hear the 2K community's worse parts. If they stopped caving in to the dumb Twitter community and the YouTubers that rely on cheese and exploits to be good, 2K would be in a much better place right now. People are stating Mike Wang said that they had issues with place shots being private for bigs however, I can not find that everywhere. I see his announcement assembles because jumpshots is going to be exactly the same. And of course I think it is difficult to believe that a dev would announce a brand new feature a month before launch and then under a week afterwards, states that the attribute would not be in NBA 2K21.

If you're going with this then may too take out grab and take, touch finisher, intimidator, and quick first step since those have been must haves for me. No take intimidator out. Or at least make it work on contests. All the other ones make sense to get. They could maybe take out contact finisher and instead of having packages of touch dunks you've got each individual dunk and you need to determine which ones activate the maximum and which ones work the best. Like folks look for the very best jumpshot, you'll need to look for the best contact dunks.

Quick attraction is not really a MUST have is it? I guess it just depends. I use merely although quickdraw on bronze. Anything is just too much for me personally. And honestly, once you've got Deadeye on HoF does it matter how quickly you receive the ball off? 99% of the time? Catch and shoot is in the same boat. Deadeye, hot zone hunter, Volume shooter and range extender are the only MUST HAVE shooting on badges in my opinion nba2king. Intimidator really don't run possibly but I had 5 upgrades available so I put them pickpocket and clamps.
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